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Lodge and Campground

PO Box 129                                   Leaf Rapids, Manitoba, Canada        R0B 1W0

Phone 204-473-2362
Fax 204-473-8680

Reservations and Administration

Site 13 Box 3 RR1                        Cochrane, Alberta T4C 1A1         Phone 403-932-1237                       Fax 403-206-7261



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Churchill River Lodge is located North of the 56 parallel in the Northwest Region of Manitoba, Canada and is the only tourist facility on this 300km stretch of the Churchill River.

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There are inumerable small streams, providing access to scores of lakes, most of which have never been fished. Waterways from the Lodge access the greater Churchill River, Granville Lake, Opachuanau Lake, South Indian Lake, South Bay and the Barrington River.

Fly or drive in to the Churchill River Lodge, as we are conveniently located approximately 11 km north of Leaf Rapids, Manitoba Canada on the magnificent Churchill River. This is 210km northwest of Thompson, MB and approximately 965 km north of the USA border.

Our location is only 6.5 km from the Leaf Rapids Airport, which hosts a 3000 foot - paved nonserviced runway.